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Find answers to your most frequent questions when recruiting and applying to jobs using Get on Board.
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How can I know the level of technical skills of my applicants?

How do I unlock professional information in Talent Database?

How can I specify the annual salary in my jobs?

What are the profiles of the Get on Board 'Cultural Fit' test?

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How to create and apply assessment scorecards in a recruitment process

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How to use the process board (Kanban) effectively?

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How to create and add screening questions to your job

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What if the manual import pdf autofill has errors?

How can I import applicants to my process?

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How to embed videos in your job ad descriptions

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How are a company's response times calculated?

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Which discard reasons can I select in my selection process?

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How can I create message templates to use in my selection processes?

How do I see the status of the invitations I sent through Talent Database?

How can the person I invited to apply for my job contact me?

How to create a good job posting?

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Who can see the private notes?

How can I notify applicants when they have been discarded from the screening process?

What happens if I duplicate a job?

What are criteria weights in scorecards?

How do I assign scorecards to a job ad?

What are scorecards?

How are scorecards made?