Why does my job have few applicants?

If a week has passed since you posted your job ad on Get on Board and you still have no applicants, it could be due to different reasons. We invite you to review some factors that could be driving professionals away from applying: 

Factors that can decrease the success of your job:

  • There are too many questions in the application form. Every job posted on Get on Board comes with default questions that professionals must answer, such as salary expectations and why they want to work at your company. You can add more questions to filter your applicants, but we recommend including no more than 3 to avoid demotivating professionals. 
  • The salary is too close to the floor. The minimum salary requirement is a reference to the lowest salary that could be asked in the market. When your salary is too close to this floor it will not be a competitive salary for professionals (especially in the programming area). 
  • The position is not clearly described. Probably the position is not well defined, that is, the functions of the position are too generic, or the project and the team or area that the professional will join are not clearly described. Perhaps the requirements are not clear or seem to be excessive. We recommend you review your job, share it with your team or client, and ask for feedback. 
  • Your position is hard to find. Patience. There are professional profiles that, although they exist, are not easy to find. For example, if your company is looking for a designer who also knows how to program (front-end), you will be looking for a unicorn. And unicorns are rare (and very well paid).
  • The job hasn't been checked in days. Professionals can see how long it's been since you've reviewed a job. If they see that it's not being actively reviewed, they probably won't want to spend their time applying. 
  • You are recycling a job that is too old (+3 months). Professionals who consistently review the platform can easily recognize jobs that have been posted for a long time or are republished. This can lead to uncertainty about the process and the company. 
  • The date has not been refreshed. If you have a subscription plan on Get on Board you can refresh your job's date, or when you activate 'Boost', the refresh is done automatically to the day of the activation. This will make your ad rank in the top search results. 
  • The job category has a lot of competition. If your job is in the Programming category, you may want to activate Boost, as there is a lot of competition to attract the best talent.  
  • Check your job on Mondays or Thursdays. Professionals receive emails with the latest job postings on Wednesdays and Sundays. If you posted your job on Tuesday and no applicants have arrived by Wednesday, we recommend waiting until Thursday and checking again. 

 Check that your ad is as clear -and as attractive- as possible for professionals. It is always good practice to show it to others and receive feedback to improve it. 

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