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Job Posting

How many cities can I select for my job?

What is LinkedIn Limited Listings and how does it work?

How can I specify the annual salary in my jobs?

Why do I have to specify the gross salary in my job?

Which remote modality can I select for my job?

How do I know if I should check the 'I am recruiting on behalf of another company' option when creating my job?

How to create and add screening questions to your job

What is 'quick apply' and how can I activate it?

How can I post a confidential job?

How can I download or export my job information to Excel (CSV)?

How can I change or modify the category of my job?

How can I recover a process that I deleted by mistake?

How to embed videos in your job ad descriptions

What happens if I edit an ad, does it go back to moderation?

How can I define the seniority of the professional I wish to hire?

How can I add jobs to my subscription plan?

Why can't I hide the salary in my job?

How can I boost my job?

Why can't I reopen my job ad?

Why can't I refresh the date of my job?

How long does it take for applicants to apply when I post my job?

Why can't I offer a wider salary range?

Can I use my subscription to unlock an existing job?

How can I duplicate or clone a selection process?

How to create a good job posting?

What happens if I duplicate a job?

What kind of jobs can I post on Get on Board?

What does it mean to refresh the date of my jobs?

Can I modify the URL of my ad?

If I'm a recruiting or outsourcing company, should I identify my client's company?

What are the requirements for publishing on Get On Board?

What happens if I don't check my job ad after I post it?

Can I modify the tags of a publication?

What is the difference between closing and unpublishing a process?

What is the difference between duplicate and re-opening a process?

How many times can I update the date of an ad if I acquire Boost?

Can I publish a job ad confidentially?

How long does it take for a job to be published once it is submitted for review?

Must the salary offered be public or can it be confidential?