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Can I publish a job ad confidentially?

When you post an ad on Get on Board, the name of the company should always be visible. It's important that professionals know for which company they are applying.  

Hiding the name of the company (such as when an ad mentions "Important company is searching for..." ) usually generates uncertainty among the professionals, and that is why we always demand the name of the hiring company. This is also compulsory when recruiting on behalf of another client.

We understand that sometimes there are certain hires that are delicate or whose disclosure can bring you problems. In those cases, you can post a job ad non-visible to the public (private) if you are subscribed.  This feature allows you to open hidden hiring processes (not visible to the public) and invite candidates manually searching them in our Talent Database.

This means that the ad will not be seen publicly, and will only be seen by the people you invite directly. These ads must also identify the hiring company.  

Beware: The candidates you invite to the recruiting process will see the company's name. 

Keep in mind that private ads are always moderated by the Get on Board team, by the same criteria as public ads. 

If you are interested in having a subscription and publishing confidential job ads, check out our subscription plans.

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