Why can't I refresh the date of my job?

When you purchase an unlock on Get on Board, you have a 30-day period to refresh the date of your job. In order to refresh the date after 30 days, you can buy a Boost, which refreshes the date to the day of purchase, in addition, up to 100 invitations are sent to the professional profiles that match your job and maintains your job highlighted in the first places for 30 days. 

This 30-day limit does not apply to subscription plans, however, jobs older than 6 months cannot be refreshed or republished.

If your job is older than 6 months, we recommend that you close it (notifying the professionals of the process closure in a timely manner) and relaunch it as a new process. Please note that when relaunching the job you will have to pay a new Unlock, in the event that you do not have an active subscription plan

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