What is 'quick apply' and how can I activate it?

The quick application feature allows professionals to apply to your job by sending their email and CV, without the need to register or complete their professional profile. By activating it you will allow more professionals to apply for your job with just a couple of clicks.  

How to activate and deactivate 'Quick Apply'?

With one click you can activate and deactivate Quick Apply at different stages of your process:

How to recognize a quick application in your process?

When a candidate applies to your job via 'quick application' they will appear in the 'Applicants' column of your process. You will be able to recognize them by the lightning bolt icon (⚡️ ) next to their name. 

Candidate that applied via quick application

Within the card of the applicants who have applied in this way you will be able to access their CV, and all the extra information they have shared, such as social networks, portfolio, and contact information (*).
Applicant's card

(*) In unlocked jobs or companies with an active subscription plan.

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