What is Boost?

Boost maximizes the visibility and scope of your job posting on Get on Board, especially when you need to recruit with urgency or for highly competitive or hard-to-find positions.

Boost is specially designed to reach a large number of professionals quickly and make it as easy as possible for them to apply for your job.

Keep in mind that Boost is a  service that is acquired in addition to the unlocking or activation of your job. 

When activating Boost:

  • We send up to 100 invitations to the best matches in our database of professionals in relation to your job  (according to variables such as category, salary, place of residence, tags, and seniority, among others ). The professionals who receive the invitation can accept it with only a click, which automatically leads to the creation of an application for your job in the Interested phase.
  • We will refresh the publication date of your ad so that it is published with the date of the day on which you activated Boost. 
  • We will highlight your job in the e-mail newsletters that our database of professionals receive twice a week.
  • We post your ad at the top of our listings, both in the public listings and the private professionals' boards,  and we will also show it in a special upper section with outstanding visibility. 

Your ad at the top of our listings
To activate Boost (*), it is imperative that the ad is already unlocked.  Boost has a duration of 30 days, after which will be deactivated and your job ad will go back to its normal visibility and will be listed chronologically again. 

If after 30 days you would like to activate Boost again, there is no problem. You can buy Boost more than once for the same job ad, as many times as you need.

(*) Boost will not be activated for jobs older than 6 months. If this is your case, we recommend you close that process and relaunch it as a new one. 

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