What does it mean that the Unlock payment is being processed?

If you purchased the unlocking of your job with a credit card during the creation of an advertisement and you receive an email stating that the ad has been published but it still remains blocked on the platform, it's possible that the payment for your job is still being processed.

In the dashboard of your account, specifically under the job section, you should see a message stating "your job payment is being processed." If you don't see this message and your job indicates that it should be unlocked, it means the payment did not go through, and you will need to make the purchase again. Be sure to check your card's transaction history to confirm whether the transaction was not completed (or was reversed).

Typically, a payment in progress will be ready soon, and you should only need to refresh the page in a few minutes to see the job unlocked. However, if the purchase was made, the job is still in progress, and its status doesn't change within a maximum of 4 hours, please contact us at info@getonbrd.com or through the platform's chat so that we can assist you as soon as possible.

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