Keep all your applicants organized in one place and save valuable time communicating with them

Conducting a recruitment process is not an easy task, especially when applicants come from different platforms and media. At Get on Board you can keep all your applicants in the same place and communicate with them quickly and easily. Here's how to do it.

Keep all your candidates in one place

With Get on Board's manual applicant import, you can bring in everyone who has applied through other means. Just upload the CV in pdf format directly to your selection process, or send it via email, and that's it. You can now have your entire applicant base on your Kanban board.

Manual import

Save considerable time in communication with message templates

In Get on Board, you can create message templates that you can use in any process you need. Create messages for each stage of the process and send bulk messages with just a couple of clicks.

Create message templates
Use message templates to communicate with applicants fast and easy

Using message templates

Save important information inside the messages with professionals

Dentro de la tarjeta de cada profesional puedes acceder a la historia de mensajes con ellos. Si hay información relevante que no quieres perder de vista, puedes ‘guardar’ el mensaje haciendo click en el ícono 📌  junto a el. Luego podrás acceder rápidamente a estos mensajes haciendo click en ‘mensajes destacados’.

Within each professional's card you can access the history of messages with them. If there is relevant information that you don't want to lose track of, you can 'save' the message by clicking on the 📌 icon next to it. You can then quickly access these messages by clicking on 'featured messages'.

Save important messages

Don't let messages go unread or unanswered. Integrate Get on Board with Slack and receive real-time notifications.

It is very common for us to miss one or another message from applicants when we have hundreds to reply to. So that you don't miss any, you can integrate Get on Board with Slack and receive real-time notifications as soon as you receive a new application or message from candidates.

Slack integration

Prefer email communication? Turn on notifications and get your process in your inbox.

If your email is your workhorse in communicating with applicants, you can enable email notifications in Get on Board and receive every new application and message directly in your inbox.

You can reply to messages directly from your email. Keep in mind that applicants will be writing to you from Get on Board, where they cannot attach files directly. You can always ask them for a link to a file stored in the cloud.

Email settings
Choose who will receive the notifications and how many

Know the response times of your processes

Access reports and metrics in Get on board and review graphs with applications, average response times and much more. This will help you improve your recruitment strategies.

Reports and metrics

We know. Recruiting is not easy. That's why we want to make it easier, faster, and better for you ❤️

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