If a company sends me an invitation to apply for a process, can they see my profile information?

On Get on Board, companies with a subscription plan have access to our Talent Database and can invite professionals to apply to their processes. 

If a company sends you an invitation to apply to a process, it has access to a preview of your profile, which includes data such as name, LinkedIn or GitHub profiles, and portfolio, as well as all the professional profile information you leave on Get on Board. Contact details and CVs are not shown in the search results.
To access the contact details of a professional, the company must first invite you to a selection process.  Once you accept the invitation, the company will have full access to your contact details, CV, and all other information.

Remember that you can also choose to hide your profile in the Talent Database, for privacy reasons. You can also be invited to processes, and by accepting the invitation, the company will have access to your contact details in the same way as a professional with a visible profile.

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