How do I change the account I use to log in on Get on Board?

If at the time of creating your Get on Board account you used a social network (e.g. Twitter) and you want to change to another social network to log in (e.g. LinkedIn), you should consider the following:

  • First, you must change the email address of the Get on Board account you signed up with. For example, if you created your account by authenticating with Twitter, you will need to temporarily change your email address on your Twitter account.
  • Log in to Get on Board with the new social network (e.g. LinkedIn). 
  • Change the email back to the original email in your first account (Twitter).
  • Get on Board will notify you that there are 2 accounts with the same email address, and ask you to consolidate them into one. Choose the social network you want to maintain (LinkedIn). 

All the information you have will be kept intact, only your platform access account will be modified. 

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