How can I send messages to all applicants at once?

You can send bulk emails to all the applicants of a particular phase of your selection process. In the heading of each phase, you will see a menu with an option called "Send bulk messages to candidates". This allows you to write a message that will reach simultaneously to all applicants. 

In the message box, you can edit the recipients (in case you want to remove one in particular). 

👉🏽   An especially useful tip: if you use the keyword @webpro, it will be automatically replaced by the first name of each professional. 

Moreover, you can combine a massive message with a saved response, which you can quickly insert to avoid typing. 

Personalizing your messages and keeping in touch quickly with all the applicants to your selection process becomes much more efficient. 

See the example below: 

Send bulk messages

Here we share a set of message templates you can use in your selection process. 

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