How can I make my jobs to appear automatically in LinkedIn?

Get on Board has a partnership with LinkedIn Limited Listings that allows your jobs to appear automatically in LinkedIn job search results. This feature allows you to maximize your jobs' reach, while keeping all candidate tracking info inside Get on Board.

In order to enable the integration for your jobs, you must add to your Get on Board company profile your LinkedIn company profile URL (if you are admin of your LinkedIn company page, click "See as member" before copying the URL). Make sure the URL format is as follows:<your-company>

For instance, Get on Board's LinkedIn profile URL is

Once you add your LinkedIn profile, your jobs may take a few days before start appearing in LinkedIn.

If your jobs do not appear in LinkedIn after a while, we recommend you to check that the URL in your profile is correct and that your job posting follows LinkedIn guidelines, as it is out of our reach which jobs they decide to show or not. 

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