Can I report a company that does not comply with what is offered in their ad?

If you believe that a company does not comply with what is offered in their ad, you can use the report button, which is located at the bottom of every ad on Get on Board. 
Here you can report non-compliances such as:  

  • Job conditions: the demands of the job are discriminatory; the demands are excessive for the position or seniority; the job offers a salary that is too low, or the company has mistreated their employees in the past.  
  • Problems with the content: there are writing or spelling problems with the text; it is difficult to identify the company that offers the job; the ad seems to have inconsistencies; the ad is in the wrong category or the position is not well-defined.  
  • Ad veracity: the company does not exist; the ad is supplanting the identity of another company; the mentioned conditions in the ad are not true; the company only wants to get contacts, or the ad seeks to con the applicants.  

Each time you report a job ad, we review the case, verify the veracity of the report, contact the company involved, and take the necessary measures to solve it. The feedback that you provide in the reports is highly important because it allows us to corroborate the data and do something about it. For Get On Board, it is very important to maintain quality and truthful job ads.

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