Are there special plans on Get On Board for non-profits?

Non-profit organizations, anywhere in the world, can post technology jobs on Get on Board and find great Latin American technology talent for free, forever

To access the benefit, some conditions must be met: 

  • The organization must be a certified non-profit organization, legally registered as such in its country of origin.
  • The organization cannot be a government organization (although it can be funded by the government).
  • Universities are excluded.
  • The grant consists of unlimited individual jobs (subscriptions and other recruitment services do not apply).
  • The organization cannot recruit or publish work on behalf of another organization, whether it is for-profit or not.
  • We reserve the right at all times to deny or revoke grants to organizations that promote hate speech, discrimination, or misinformation of any kind, violence, illegal activity, or the use of weapons.
  • Works published by non-profit organizations are still subject to our moderation policy (therefore, they must be technology-related works and are not exempt from obligations related to minimum wage levels, for example, unless explicitly listed as volunteer work).

If you are in charge of a non-profit foundation and would like to access the benefit, please write to us at

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