Get on Board uses webhooks to notify your application when an event - a webhook's endpoint is subscribed to - happens in your account, for instance, when a new job is published, or a new message arrives.

Webhook's endpoints are valid external and secure URLs listening to POST requests in JSON format that subscribes to events.

Examples of endpoints are a callback URL at your application or a Zapier callback URL.

What exactly does this mean?

  • First, you need to develop or enable a web service (or endpoint URL, think of this as an app phone number) that must be publicly accessible for Get on Board. You can also use services like Zappier or IFTTT instead of building your own service.
  • Then you need to adjust your Webhook settings, i.e. select the events you want to receive and add the web service or endpoint URL where these events should be sent.

Webhooks settings in company view

The difference with our standard API is that instead of making requests constantly to our endpoints, for instance, to see if a new job was rejected or published, with Webhooks this process is more efficient as you stop requesting, and instead you start receiving this data automatically when these events are triggered.

If you need more technical info about our webhooks, please check our up-to-date API documentation here

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