The success of a job ad depends on different factors, such as its wording, company culture, and benefits, but if your job is not seen by the right professionals, it doesn't matter how well the position is described or how attractive the offer is. That is why here are some tips to give more visibility to your ad and make your processes successful. 

1. Refresh the date of your job ads(*)

Refreshing the date of a selection process means that the publication date of your ad is updated to the day you refresh it. That is if you posted a selection process 7 days ago and today you refresh the date, your ad will now show its publication date as today's date.  When you refresh the date of a selection process, it will appear again at the beginning of the job list, with the current date, obtaining more visibility.

(*) Available only for subscription plans and for jobs created in a period of fewer than 4 months. If the job is 4 months or older, the company will be asked to close the process and relaunch it.

Refresh the date of your jobs

2. Invite professionals to apply for your job via Talent Database

Talent Database is an exclusive feature of our subscription plans that allows you to directly search and invite tech professionals from our... you guessed it, talent database in seconds. Find and invite experts in Software Engineering, Data Science, Design, UX, Machine Learning, and more.

With Talent Database, you can search actively for professionals that might not have found your job, yet.

Talent Database

What can I use Talent Database for?

  • Supplement organic, active candidates with passive talent: It allows you to complement applicants who arrive organically at your Get on Board ads with people who may not have encountered your job ad.
  • It allows you to directly invite professionals from other countries who may not have considered your job because they are only looking locally.
  • You will be able to post jobs confidentially, without the need for a job posting on Get on Board. These jobs, which are deactivated by default and therefore will not receive public applications, may be filled with invitations sent to Talent Database.

Who can you invite to apply?

You can invite directly to your open jobs any candidate you want. Once a professional accepts your invitation, an application is automatically created to the process to which you invited him/her, in the Interested or Applicant phase, and you will be able to access the professional's full contact details.  

You can invite a professional to any open process, even if it is unpublished (i.e. with the "Published (Receiving Applicants)" switch turned off).

3. Speed up your recruitment process with Boost

Boost maximizes the visibility and scope of your job posting on Get on Board, especially when you need to recruit with urgency or for highly competitive or hard-to-find positions.

Boost has a duration of 14 days, after which your job ad will go back to its normal visibility and will be listed chronologically again. 

When you activate Boost:

  • Your job stands out
    Your job will appear in our new Featured section and pinned to the top of professionals' private dashboards.

Make your job stand out

  • 200 customized invites are sent
    We'll invite the best 200 matches, recently active, of our talent database. Make the invite personal with your own message.
    How does the matching algorithm work?

  • You get unrivaled visibility in our newsletters
    Twice a week, we send customized job newsletters to our talent database. Boost your job to feature it above the rest.

Unrivaled visibility in our newsletters

Boost is purchased in addition to the unlocking or activation of your job. You can purchase it individually for a specific job, or consider a subscription plan with Boost for greater savings.

Accelerate your recruitment quickly and easily:

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