The Get on Board's API allows developers to access programmatically features and crucial data of our platform.  Check the technical reference of how to use it at

There are two versions of our API, which offer access to two different facets of our information: public and private.

  • The public version is open to anyone and allows access to the same data you can see on the platform without being logged in (public collection of resources and endpoints that anyone can access). Among the accessible data, you'll find job categories, information about the companies, or published jobs. There is also a function that allows searching for jobs using a text expression.
  • The private version requires access to be authenticated and allows access to all the private data of your company in Get on Board, such as jobs, recruitment processes, professionals, or applications. This version is exclusive for companies with an active subscription to any of our plans.

What are the benefits of using the API for my company?

The main benefit is the automation of accessing and/or creating your data. Some scenarios where this could be used are:

  • Build custom interfaces to show your data, for instance, a custom application form.
  • Integration between Get on Board and an external platform like a human resources system or ATS not supported by Get on Board [1].

How do I get started using the private API?

There is nothing to do if you want to use the public facet. For the private facet, you will need a subscription as a company, then access to your API key that will allow the authentication:


Check the technical reference on how to use our API.

[1] How to integrate an external ATS with Get on Board

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