Scorecards are assessment tools that allow you to evaluate applicants consistently, creating sets of criteria that will be scored using stars. Each scorecard can then be used in one or more jobs. Once a scorecard is created, assign it to a job by editing the job and going to step 3 ("Scorecards").

How to create scorecards?

To create scorecards on Get on Board, you must follow these steps:

1. Go to the scorecard view from your business account menu (or click here).

2. Once there, you must click on the button "Create a Scorecard", which will open a modal where you must indicate the name you want to assign it. You can also edit this name later.

Create a Scorecard and name it
3. After creating the scorecard you must select, or create, the evaluation criteria (the abilities, skills, or technologies to be evaluated). You can also enter sub-criteria or evaluation objectives. For each criterion, you will be able to assign the evaluation weighting, depending on the relevance to the position. The weights range from very low (0.5x) to very high (2x).

Select assessment criteria and their weights

Criteria weights

For each scorecard, you can include as many criteria as you need, assigning them evaluation weights, which range from low (0.5x) to very high (2x), depending on the relevance of each skill for the position. These criteria weights will influence the final score calculation of each applicant.

Scorecard with criteria weight

How are scorecards used?

Once you have created the scorecard for the profile you are recruiting, you can assign it to a previously created job from the Actions menu in your control panel. When creating or editing jobs, you can also assign them in step 3 (Scorecards).

Assign a scorecard from the Actions menu

Once you have assigned a scorecard to your job, you can easily evaluate applicants from your process' Kanban board by selecting "Scorecards" on each applicant's card. To make the selection process faster and more fluid, you will be able to see the final score of each applicant reflected graphically with stars. This score is the average of your evaluations and those of the rest of your team. 

Scorecards in an applicant's card
Average scores represented graphically with stars

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