We just launched our crowdfunding campaign on Republic


If you are reading this, you most likely have used (or tried) Get on Board to hire tech talent and build your team, as many startups and tech companies from Latin America and around the world have done.

And if so, you probably know how invested we are in building something that helps the entire community. We believe that everyone (employers, professionals, educators, policymakers, and countries) wins when the job market is more transparent and fair, and when both sides of the table have more information and the right spaces to connect. Everyone wins when people find a workplace where they can be happier. That's why we have created, beyond our core recruitment products, initiatives such as our free Insights portal, Awesome Fest, or our  Fit Cultural and Adaptability tests, and much more. We want the community to reap the benefits of using Get on Board to find each other.

I mention this because today we want this very community, thanks to which we are here, to be part of Get on Board's future. And that's why we decided to raise a crowdfunding campaign on Republic, one of the world's leading crowdfunding platforms (where the likes of SpaceX have raised funds), under the approval of the SEC in the United States. We want you, as a member of this community, to have a say in our roadmap and our destiny.

This campaign allows everyone, from $100 USD, to become an investor in Get on Board.
Despite the years since this project was born, in many aspects it's still early days — particularly regarding our future growth potential. The market needs something like Get on Board more than ever. So we won't stop at Latin America — we want the entire world to benefit from having a transparent job platform.

If you are happy at your current work, you know how life-changing that can be. And if you are not, we will continue working hard so you also can enjoy that. Because you deserve it, and because it can be done.

Do you believe in this too? Check out our Republic campaign and invest here.

Looking forward to seeing you become part of Get on Board,

Sergio Nouvel
Co-Founder & CEO

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