Still hiring? New remote modalities in Get on Board


We know there isn't a single way of working remotely.   Get  on Board now supports four different modalities of remote work. All existing jobs  now can specify more accurately  their remote policy:

  • 🏢   No remote option.   In this case, the position is co-located and must be performed entirely on premises.
  • 🕐    Temporarily remote during COVID-19. Position is remote only during COVID-19-related quarantine measures. In this case, the job must specify the location in which the  position will be performed once quarantine measures are lifted.
  • 📍   Locally remote only.   Position is 100% remote, but candidates must reside in the country/state/region specified in the ad.
  • 🌎     Fully remote. Candidates can reside anywhere in the world. Remember: all global and permanently remote jobs are free in Get on Board during 2020.

Existing jobs have been already migrated.   Jobs listing a city and "Remote" as optional have been migrated to "Locally remote only",  specifying as place of residence the country of the listed city.

We encourage you to check out your jobs and update them if necessary to reflect your remote policy more accurately.

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