Now your subscription plan includes unlimited jobs 🤩.


From now on, our subscription plans will have unlimited jobs and quotas to feature your jobs (pins). That's right, just as you read it. We want you to get the most out of your ATS, so you'll be able to post as many jobs as you want, without limits, forever.

Which plans receive this benefit?

All plans that are active on our platform will be able to access it.

Currently our available plans are Growth, Recruiter and Custom. Starter, Scale and Corporate plans are no longer available.

Companies with Starter, Scale and Corporate plans will continue to maintain their active (legacy) plan with automatic renewal. If you cancel your subscription, you will be able to re-subscribe to our current plans: Growth, Recruiter or Custom. Check and compare plans here.

In addition to having unlimited jobs, you can now also feature your jobs.

What is a featured job (pin)?

It is a job that is pinned to the top of the list of Get on Board's public sites (*) and private dashboard recommendations for professionals.

Until now, subscription plans had a limited quota of active jobs. This quota now carries over as job pins quotas, as jobs will now be unlimited.

Pinned jobs have a duration of 14 days. If you wish to feature the same job 14 more days, that will take up one of your quotas for the month. Pin quotas are NOT cumulative month to monthP.

If you have a plan with Boost, the Boost quotas are maintained.

(*) Jobs with Boost are shown above the featured (pinned) jobs.

How do I Pin or Boost my jobs?

If you have a subscription plan, go to the dashboard and in the right menu of each job you will be able to choose between Pinning and Boosting the job.

Pin your job

If your job is featured (pinned), you can still give it Boost to give it extra visibility, sending up to 200 invitations to professionals that match the profile.

Note that confidential jobs cannot be featured because they do not appear in public views, but you can always give them Boost, and send invitations to professionals.

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