New advanced metrics, invitations and suggestions in your process, quick applications and more.


📊  New advanced metrics

For recruitment to be an area of continuous improvement, it is essential to have information and metrics that allow us to evaluate processes and make decisions about them. That is why now, when you enter your reports you will be able to see 3 sections:

  •  Overview: Here you can see metrics relevant to all processes and response times. Now you can also filter by process type (closed or open), and specific time periods, such as days, months, or years.
  •  Discards: In this option, you can see the metrics related to the discards of applicants: statistics on the number of discarded applicants, and a consolidated list of the main reasons for discarding. You can also filter the information by process and specific time.
  •  Performance: Here you can see the performance of your processes, both in terms of duration, number of applicants, and success rate of your closed processes. If you do not currently have closed processes, you will not be able to view the information in this option. We recommend that you always close your processes once they have concluded (you will be able to reopen them in the future if you wish).

Nuevas métricas avanzadas

✉️  Invitations in your process view (kanban)

Now, when you enter the process view of your jobs, you will be able to see the invitations sent from Talent Database, Boost, and Get on Board Suggestions. You will be able to distinguish each one by the icon next to the name of each professional:

Where do invitations come from?
Invitations in process view

📡 🏢  Hybrid remote modality

When creating a job in Get on Board you will be able to select a new modality: Hybrid, that is, some days professionals will be able to work remotely and others from the office. 

New hybrid modality
✨ Get on Board suggestions

When you create a new job on Get on Board, by accessing your process view you will be able to see up to 50 Get on Board recommendations with professionals from our talent pool who are the best match for your job.

These profiles are selected by one of our algorithms according to the application history and profile of each applicant and allow you to invite them directly to your process with just a couple of clicks, saving you considerable time in your hunting process 

Suggestions from Get on Board in your Process view

🏃🏽‍♀️ Quick Applications

By activating the quick application, you will allow more professionals to apply for your job with just a couple of clicks.  Quick Applications allows professionals to apply to your job by just sending their email and CV, without the need to register or complete their professional profile.

With a click you can activate and deactivate Quick Applications at different stages of your process:

Activate Quick Applications in step 2 of your job creation process

👤 Job creator's name in your dashboard

To help you better maintain order and visibility within your team, you can now see on your Get on Board job dashboard the date each job was posted next to the name of the person who created it.

Please note that the job posting date that appears on your dashboard corresponds to the date it was originally posted, and only you will be able to see that information. (If you refresh the date of your job, professionals will see the refreshed date.)

🚀 More powerful Boost for your jobs

When you activate Boost, up to 200 invitations are now sent. We increased the number of Boost invitations, and improved the matching algorithm so that your jobs reach more and better professionals. 

🧹Reorganization of your dashboard

For you to have better navigation and more order in your processes, we have reorganized your dashboard and side menu. 

  • You can now access your team organization and talent search tools easily from the left-side menu. 
  • You can view all your jobs and select each tab on the top bar to access active jobs, drafts, jobs pending reviews, jobs needing changes, and closed jobs. 
  • In the top navigation bar (navbar), next to your name, you can access our help articles, blog, and product news. 

New dashboard

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