Improvements to your jobs and processes, enhanced security, account consolidation and more.


💰 Real-time salary recommendations

The accelerated growth of the industry has caused an increase in the salaries of professionals in technology, generating an additional challenge for recruiters, who must be constantly looking for ways to be informed about these changes.
At Get on Board we want to help you in this endeavor, that's why we implemented a new way to communicate when a salary is below what is being offered in the market. Read more about salary warnings here.

We recommend you what is the minimum wage to attract the right talent to your job

🔐 2FA - Two-Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication (2FA) is an extra security measure that helps protect your account against usurpation and theft of credentials by third parties. To enable 2FA, you can use authentication applications, such as Google Authenticator, Authy, or 1Password, which generate codes that expire in about 10-30 seconds.
It is recommended that all members of your team activate 2FA (and get into the habit of doing so in all the tools and applications they use regularly and Get on Board). Check how to do it here.

👥 Filters in your process board

When you access your selection process view in your Get on Board ATS, you will be able to filter your applicants according to the information they have included when applying for your job. You can filter applicants who have a CV, phone number, portfolio, Github or Gitlab profile, and scorecard average score. Learn how to filter applicants in this article.

Apply filters in any column of your process board

📹 Embed media in your jobs' descriptions

One way to attract tech talent to your company is by showcasing the projects you work on, the team the professional will join, and reflecting the culture that defines and unites you. That is why now on Get on Board you can embed videos to demonstrate it quickly and easily. Here's how:

🤝 Companies consolidation

If you wish to unify accounts with another company, with information on processes in both, you will be able to request the merge of them. To do so, the account admin must send an email to or via chat, requesting the consolidation(*) with the other company (you must specify which account you want to merge the data from and the destination company).

Both account admins will receive an email confirming the consolidation. Once both account admins approve it, the consolidation process will take a couple of minutes to complete.

 (*) Additional cost associated.

⚙️  New endpoints in our API

We are incorporating new endpoints in our API, which allow you to better integrate Get on Board services (e.g. through AIRA). One of them allows subscribed companies to submit jobs for moderation. Another new endpoint allows you to list all processes of a specific job in your company. You can check our API documentation here.

We appreciate (and encourage) the continuous feedback from our companies, which allows us to improve our product.
Would you like to leave us your comments/feedback? Write us at or contact us via chat, where we will attend your requirements.

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