Improvements to help you recruit successfully and faster


🔎  Find the best talent for your jobs with the new and improved Talent Database

We improved the professionals search experience to help you browse profiles quickly and efficiently. 
You will now see the search filter on the left side of your screen, where you can use free text, apply keywords, select country, salary range and more. 

Once you apply the filters, two new columns will appear on the right: 

  • In the second column you will see the list of professionals that match the search results.
  • In the third column you will see detailed information about each selected profile

In addition, you will be able to share the search URL with your team members, as well as the URL of each professional profile. 

How to access the Talent Database? 👉🏽 Go to the left side menu and select the option 'Talent' > 'Find Talent'.

Talent Database

Draw the attention of professionals by editing the invitation subject line

You will also be able to edit the subject of the invitation message, which the professionals will receive directly in their email and within the platform.

Edit invitation subject

😎  Improved recruitment flow: Know the English level and cultural profile of professionals

Professionals can now report their level of English within their profile, according to the Common European Framework. The levels they can select are:

Beginner (A1): Understands everyday expressions and very basic phrases.
Elementary (A2): Understands basic expressions and is able to communicate in a simple manner.
Intermediate (B1): Understands and produces texts on familiar topics, and gives opinions and descriptions.
Upper intermediate (B2): Produces clear, detailed text and interacts with a degree of fluency and spontaneity.
Advanced (C1): Expresses fluently and spontaneously, and uses language flexibly and effectively for all purposes.
Proficient (C2): Understands and expresses virtually everything with ease and differentiates finer shades of meaning.

You can see the self-informed English level of each applicant within their cards in the process view (Kanban).

In addition, you will be able to see the work culture profile of professionals who have taken our Cultural Fit test and decided to share their results. You will find this information within their cards in your process dashboard and Talent Database.

Know your applicants' English level and Cultural Fit profile

👥  More user roles to help you optimize your recruiting process

In Get on Board there is no limit to the number of users you can add to your company account.
Until recently there were only 2 types of user roles: admin and team member.

Now, in Get on Board, we have modified the user roles, adding more and with different permissions, to cover the different needs of each team: Account Owner, Billing Admin, Recruiter, Recruiter Partner, and Insights Pro.

Below you can see a comparison table with the permissions of each user role:

User roles permissions

🤩  New subscription plan: Scale

We know that these are difficult times for many companies and that technological talent is increasingly required to grow the business. 
That's why we launched a new 'Scale' plan, with which you can have up to 10 jobs posted simultaneously, invite up to 300 professionals per month to apply for your jobs, and at the most convenient price so that all companies can continue to grow.

Check and compare subscription plans here.

Yearly plans with Boost

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