Extra visibility in featured jobs, direct purchases in job postings and more


This quarter, we changed the visibility and activation experience for Featured and Boosted jobs, improved the performance of the kanban board for jobs with a large number of applicants, and launched personalized scoring questions for conscious but highly effective filters."

More visibility for featured jobs

Boosted jobs will now have prominent visibility on the platform's main page. Additionally, we've enhanced the border of your ad with the color of your job's configuration to stand out even more at the top of the lists (if you still need to set colors, the default will be purple). Featured jobs also receive visibility improvements (highlighted in blue shading).

With these enhancements, you can easily differentiate on your dashboard which type of visibility you've activated for your jobs.

  • Exclusive to Featured or Boosted jobs

Visibility in featured jobs

Personalized questions with scoring for quicker and effective filters

Previously, we informed you that you can manage even more of the information you're interested in from your applicants directly through Get on Board: now create personalized questions, assign a score, and quickly filter qualifying applicants on the Kanban board of the process.

You'll find the scoring filter on each process's Kanban board with an active questionnaire.

Graded quizzes

Add extra visibility to your job posting

Do you want to give your job posting more visibility? Whether you're purchasing an individual job or have a subscription plan, you can easily add Boost or feature your job. Simply complete the posting form as usual, and you'll see the visibility options before submitting your ad for moderation.

Publication options

  • If you have a subscription plan and available slots to feature or activate Boost, you'll see this option. Please note that the slot will be deducted once the job is approved in moderation and published on the platform. 
    • If you run out of available slots in your plan, you can purchase an additional slot at that same step.
  • If you don't have a subscription plan and are purchasing an individual job posting, you can add extra visibility during the same purchase of your job or later.

If you're paying upfront, the charge will occur once the job has been approved by the moderation team and published on the platform.

One more thing: This month we implemented significant improvements in the company's kanban board performance, which will be particularly noticeable in jobs with a large number of applicants (+1000).

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