Every new thing we launched in Get on Board in 2021


2021 was an action-packed year for Get on Board. We've been working hard to launch new features and improvements to the platform, as well as new initiatives and projects. Here are the highlights:

  • Adaptability Test: Adapting to new challenges and changing conditions is the soft skill most demanded in the tech industry. We built a free test that allows professionals to measure their adaptability dimensions and get improvement tips. It will soon be available for recruiters, too. Here's more about our tests.
  • 💥 Real-time ATS sync: New applications and messages now arrive to your Kanban board in real-time — no need to refresh the page! And if you recruit with a team, you will see in real-time changes made by other members (such as moving or discarding candidates). 
  • 🔁 LinkedIn integration: in 2021, we became LinkedIn's Limited Listings partners. This partnership allows jobs posted in Get on Board to appear in LinkedIn's job search results automatically. Learn more about how to activate the integration for your company.
  • 📊 Stats and metrics: If you have an active subscription, in the section "Stats" of your dashboard, you will find performance indicators of your jobs, such as the average amount of applications received, applications started but not sent, among others.
  • ⏰ Company response times: Publicly, all jobs now display the typical range of time a company takes to respond to candidates. In addition, privately, subscribed companies can access the precise mean times and get stats per individual team member. Here's how we calculate these response times and how you can improve yours.
  • 🪝 Webhooks and API 2.0: Get on Board now supports Webhooks, that allow to connect ("listen") to specific events in Get on Board (such as a new application to one of your jobs) and build automation or integrations with platforms such as Zapier. We also added lots of improvements and new features to our API. Check out our API docs for more details.

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