How to attract the right tech talent to your jobs

Attracting talent is no easy task, and it becomes even more complex when the talent we are looking for is senior. These professionals rarely seek job opportunities (as they most likely have a very attractive job to stay).

What can companies and recruiters do to increase the success of their processes? Here are several tools that will help you attract the best talent for your team.

Search for professionals and invite them to apply directly to your job.

At Get on Board, we have a database of more than 500 thousand professionals, which you can search according to keywords, technologies, and skills, among other filters. Access our talent database in the left menu > select the option 'Find talent'.

Once there, you can filter professionals and invite them to apply for your jobs with just a few clicks. The search results are sorted according to the relevance of the tags or keywords of your search with the profile of each professional.

You can view the status of the invitations you have sent by going to the Talent > Invitations option in your left menu, or within your job dashboard, in the first column of the process (Invitations and suggestions).

Talent Database

Save time: use Get on Board suggestions

Invite suggested professionals from your Kanban board. When you create your job, we will suggest up to 50 ideal candidates for the position. You can invite them with just a couple of clicks and save hours of searching for talent.

Get on Board Suggestions

Automate your hunting with Boost

Automate your hunting process with a few clicks by activating Boost for your jobs. By activating it, up to 200 professionals matching your profile will be invited, and your job will be highlighted at the top of the listings and shared in the newsletter for professionals that is sent twice a week.

Check our plans with Boost and save up to 91%(*) of their unit value.

(*) Savings corresponding to Corporate Boost plan.

Boost speeds up your recruitment process

Filter candidates in their applications so that only the right people arrive for the position

Prevent applicants who do not meet the requirements from applying to your process. Make sure you define the position well, defining not only the requirements but also the functions that the professional will have to perform in his/her daily work. Also, check that the seniority selected is in accordance with the position's requirements.

Many jobs, no matter how well-written and clear they are, may still receive applicants who are not suitable for the position (known as machine-gun applicants). The best way to filter them out is to include challenges within the application itself.

When creating a job, you can add screening questions, which can be open-ended questions (short or long answer), multiple choice, or code challenges.)

In case you are recruiting developers, you can add simple or more complex coding challenges, which are easy to perform for the most suitable candidates, but complex enough for those who do not qualify.

Tip: On Edabit you can search for challenges for different programming languages that can help you in this task.

You can also ask something simple, such as how many years of experience the professional has in leadership positions, for example.

Add screening questions in the step 2 of your job creation process

Attract more professionals by writing an attractive ad focusing on your company's benefits and culture.

People who apply for jobs want to know what the company's work environment is like, the benefits offered, what their functions will be (or what is expected of them), as well as the requirements of the position. This can be a differentiating factor against your competitors and a decisive factor in applications from professionals.

  • A good strategy that we have observed in successful jobs is to insert a video of the company, showing the team and its culture (it is more effective than writing the annual achievements in numbers that they have achieved as a company).

  • Another strategy that works VERY WELL is to add in the job description the stages of the process (this helps to lower the applicants' anxiety, and gives a clear guideline to the recruiters as well).
    Define requirements and functions clearly, avoiding simple bullet points
  • Offer competitive salaries and develop a salary strategy to retain talent.
    Competition for talent is tough, and while you're waiting for your annual salary report, your company's talent is getting other offers. Replacing good talent can cost you dearly. Retain it with real-time salary reporting.

Competition for talent is real... but you can easily stand out from the rest of the companies.

  • Customize your company page: showcase your culture, what it's like to work at your company, highlight the benefits you offer. Make sure your company page is a talent magnet

    When you create your company account, you get a free, fully customizable career page that you can embed on your own website. Professionals will want to know more about the company, and this is where they will go first.
    Career page
  • Update the benefits based on what appeals to professionals (and no, unlimited coffee is not).
    If you don't know which ones you can include in your company, when you create your job on Get on Board you can see a wide variety of benefits that you can select from to make your job stand out from the rest.

  • Refresh the date of your job(*) so that it appears within the first search results. This way, professionals will be able to apply to your job first.

    (*) Available only for subscription plans.
  • Open up to remote work and attract talent wherever they are. 
    Remote work is here to stay, and more and more professionals are migrating from their office jobs to the freedom that remote work offers. 

  • Create career development programs, offer scholarships for your talent to keep learning.
    Check out the benefits of our partners at Get on Board that can help you attract the best talent (e.g. discounts on English classes with Open English). 

  • Activate the 'Quick Apply' option on your jobs so that more professionals can apply in fewer steps.
    Sometimes many professionals are just 'looking' at the job market with no plan to apply (especially senior talent). Quick Apply' has that 'impulse buy' or 'last minute' effect in recruiting.

How does Quick Apply work

We know. Attracting the best talent is no easy task, but at Get on Board we help you make it as easy as possible. ❤️

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