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Noken is building the next-generation travel agency.
(El rol es parcialmente en Inglés – reuniones locales en Español, comunicación escrita en Inglés)

Con Noken, cualquiera puede crear un viaje con nuestra innovadora herramienta que planifica y reserva todo lo necesario en un solo click, en vez de tener que buscar en miles de websites y reviews. Al reservar, l@s viajer@s reciben nuestra App Guía que transforma sus viajes en experiencias únicas y sin preocupaciones.

Una startup de nivel mundial, Noken fue fundada por gente de Harvard y Stanford, McKinsey, Box, Goldman Sachs, ClassPass & Evernote. Seleccionada como una de las 50 startups de NYC a seguir, Noken está creciendo 5x anualmente y está respaldada por Inversionistas de primer nivel (Twilio, PagerDuty, Shopify, Twitch).

Creemos que nuestra nueva sede en Chile será clave en el crecimiento y éxito de Noken – Y tú puedes ser parte de ella!

Job Requirements

(El rol es parcialmente en Inglés – reuniones locales en Español, comunicación escrita en Inglés)

You will be part of a team of engineers and designers working on and its mobile apps. Your focus will be system design and implementation. Our challenges include creating server applications that can support thousands of concurrent clients: Do you have what it takes?

You will also con contribute across all our stack (Backend: Node/Express + GoLang, Clients: React Native and React JS, ideally TypeScript), architecting and implementing our services and mentoring junior peers.

Our engineering team works from:

  • New York headquarters,
  • Santiago office (or remotely from other countries).

We collaborate using GitHub, Slack, and Hangouts, so you have to feel comfortable with these tools.

Ideal candidate:

  • Experienced Backend Engineer, with 4-8 years of proven experience building consumer systems (No degree required).
  • Proficient in GoLang or Node/Express, with strong experience writing complex API-driven applications. Experience developing Front End applications (web, mobile) is desirable.
  • Proven CI/CD experience, including Test Driven Development.
  • Self-starter, self-learner and quick to ask when blocked. You'll be the owner of a set of challenging projects, which you will drive from start to end… But asking for help is highly encouraged: You'll be working with very experienced engineers.
  • Good communication in English
    • Understanding English is important, but you don't need to speak it perfectly.
    • Although some engineers speak Spanish, the rest of the organization speaks English.
  • You want to work with the latest technologies and practices (GoLang, Node, React, RN, TypeScript, Docker, AWS, etc).

Our technologies and practices: The more you know, the better!


- Web/API frameworks: GoLang + Node/Express (at least one)
- GraphQL and RESTful APIs
- AWS Elastic Cluster via Dockerized applications.
- WebSockets and similar technologies.
- Cache: MemCache/Redis. Messaging: Pub/Sub, RabbitMQ.
- NoSQL & SQL: MongoDB (using Mongoose) and Postgres.


- Microservices
- Test Driven Development & CI.
- Collaborative code ownership (GitHub).

Benefits & Perks

  1. Excelente equilibrio entre vida y trabajo, incluido beneficios y flexibilidad de maternidad/paternidad.
  2. Buena compensación y beneficios flexibles:
    1. Gente con resultados obtienen participación en Noken.
    2. Clases para mejorar tu inglés (si las necesitas).
  3. Noken es un empleador igualitario:
    1. Sin importar tu género, edad, origen y orientación sexual, proveeremos un espacio positivo y seguro para potenciar tu éxito.
  4. Noken es un startup con híper-crecimiento que cambiará la manera en que la gente descubre y viaja por el mundo, respaldada por Inversionistas Venture de primer nivel (Twilio, PagerDuty, Shopify, Twitch).
  5. Trabaja con un equipo de altura mundial, incluyendo ejecutivos, diseñadores e ingenieros de McKinsey, Box, Goldman Sachs, ClassPass & Evernote.
  6. Trabaja desde la casa parte de la semana o desde nuestro co-work en Santiago.

¿Qué esperas? ¡Postula y trabaja con nosotros!


Equity offered This position includes equity compensation (in the form of stock options or other mechanism).
Flexible hours Flexible schedule and freedom for attending family needs or personal errands.
Paid sick days Sick leave is compensated (limits might apply).
Partially remote You can work from your home some days a week.
Retirement plan @ NY+SCL pays or matches payment for plans such as 401(k) and others.
Company retreats Team-building activities outside the premises.
Computer provided @ NY+SCL provides a computer for your work.
Performance bonus Extra compensation is offered upon meeting performance goals.
Informal dresscode No dresscode is enforced.
Beverages and snacks @ NY+SCL offers beverages and snacks for free consumption.
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Noken is building the next-generation travel agency. Nominated as one of the 50 NYC startups to watch, Noken is growing 5x annually and backed by top tier venture capital. With Noken, travelers can plan, book and enjoy a trip, with only one app. — @ NY+SCL's full profile

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