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  Remote (Mexico) | Senior | Full time | SysAdmin / DevOps / QA

Gross Salary $4000 - 5000 USD/month

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We are a company dedicated to custom software development, we have more than 16 years in the market and we have recently integrated into the American market by placing highly specialized personnel in the United States, working remotely.
Each of our collaborators works with different teams and colleagues from all over the world in the design and commercialization of software. Our current project is to work 100% remotely, in dynamic projects with developers of different levels to collaborate in the update, maintenance, and configuration of systems in a project with a large construction company in Nuevo Leon.
We hope you will join ENSITEAM!

Functions of the position:

We are looking for a DevOps Engineer with more than 4 years of experience. This advanced role builds on top of the above service engineer role with additional development/debugging skill capabilities and task focus.
  • Infrastructure Automation:
    1. Evangelize infrastructure as code for the deployment of cloud infrastructure.
    2. Perform cloud infrastructure deployments using terraform in CI/CD environment.
    3. Operate as release authorizer, approving pull requests, and validating code quality standards are met.
  • Configuration Management:
    1. Using tools such as ansible and packer, build operating system and application configuration templates.
    2. Perform operating systems and application configuration deployments across servers and cloud infrastructure fleets.
    3. Build and maintain docker images and serverless lambda scripts.
  • Release management - CI / CD
    1. Develop support and maintain CI/CD pipelines for infrastructure and application releases.
    2. Develop and maintain branching strategies that automate releases across environments.
    3. Develop automated testing strategies for unit integration and infrastructure and application releases.
    4. Deploy, support, and maintain the version control and CI systems.
  • DevOps Engineering
    1. Evangelize a DevOps practice within cloud operations.
    2. Design and assist in implementing automated solutions for cloud operations activities such as on-call monitoring, performance, capacity planning, and disaster recovery response.
  • Cloud Migration
    1. Assist with the implementation of workload and application migration activities from on-premise to the enterprise cloud.
    2. Assist with application reviews with a focus on cloud relocation Provide recommendations and standards that must be adhered to green light an application migration.


The main requirements and skills you should have are:

  • Cloud expertise on Azure Services, tools, and best practices.
  • Observability Skilled in implementing monitoring, logging, and alerting solutions and knowledge of Amazon CloudWatch, AWS X-Ray, and Amazon SNS.
  • Configuration Management Able to codify, and set up Configuration Management with tools such as Powershell DSC and other tools.
  • Containers Familiarity with microservices and serverless, and tools such as Docker, container registries, and Kubernetes.
  • Operations For troubleshooting issues, have experience with web servers, Nodejs, and Golang.
  • Database Administration Knowledge of data stores such as PostgreSQL, reading and writing SQL code, and being familiar with NoSQL data stores like AWS DynamoDB, MongoDB, and graph database. and Data Services (EMR, MSK, DMS, Kinesis, RDS, Redshift, SQL server).
  • Automation Experience and expertise with scripting languages such as Python, JavaScript, and PowerShell for Windows., CloudWatch Events, SNS, and others.
  • Intermediate English.

What do we offer?

  • 100% remote opportunity.
  • Competitive salary and benefits.
  • Custom benefit package aligned to your experience and your needs.
  • Working with foreign clients.
This role is for an indefinite time. It means that you are going to be able to grow professionally in Ensitech and you will have the opportunity to work on different important challenging projects around the world.

Pet-friendly Pets are welcome at the premises.
Flexible hours Flexible schedule and freedom for attending family needs or personal errands.
Partially remote You can work from your home some days a week.
Health coverage Ensitech pays or copays health insurance for employees.
Computer provided Ensitech provides a computer for your work.
Informal dress code No dress code is enforced.
Vacation over legal Ensitech gives you paid vacations over the legal minimum.
Beverages and snacks Ensitech offers beverages and snacks for free consumption.

Remote work policy

Locally remote only

Position is 100% remote, but candidates must reside in Mexico.

About Ensitech

Our team of analysts, software engineers, designers, support staff, marketers and data scientists work together and use the latest technologies and methodologies to implement a successful project. — Ensitech's full profile

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Requires applying in English