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What We Do

We enable business to find, maintain, and re-use trusted Supplier Data and Information across their Enterprise, across any spreadsheet, app or system.

How We Do It

We have built a flexible SaaS technology platform that enables enterprises build a solid data-based foundation for their current and future digital transformation initiatives around their suppliers.

Job functions

We are looking for candidates from PERU for Software QA Analyst position

Our company is a global leading supplier information management platform which helps our customers save money, ensure compliance, and mitigate risk.

The main way we deliver the value to our customers is through a proprietary software we have built, which is accessed by our clients through online portals, using their web-browser. We call this the Enterprise Supplier Manager, it is a highly sophisticated tool, with a wide range of functionality covering almost all the aspects of supplier-management requirements, heavily customized for each of our customers to meet all their individual compliance rules, due diligence processes, approval workflows etc…

We are looking to expand our Quality Assurance department, by adding highly capable and motivated professionals to help us do more testing, increase coverage and frequency of Test-Case execution and minimize the bugs that slip through to our production environments.
We are looking for a long-term relationship, a talented individual that will become part of the team and grow within our company.

Qualifications and requirements

The key skills we are looking for are:

- English language fluency and good communication skills

- Efficient at executing predefined Test Cases and reporting the results in Bug-Tracking system (we are using JIRA for this)
- Ability to capture bugs and explain in a clear and easy-to-understand way the steps a user needs to take to reproduce the errors. Text and screenshots need to be added in our bug-reporting system in a way that is straightforward for our developers to consume.
- Familiarity with common MS Office software like Excel, Word etc..
- Good team player and ability to exchange information and support with coworkers
- Attention to detail and ability to recognize patterns where weaknesses lie in our software and use them to provide intelligent input into building and expanding our Test Suites.
- Ability to understand complex business processes and to become power-user of online platforms similar to SAP (it's understood that there is a learning curve and lots of training and onboarding support will be provided to our new hire)
- Eager to learn new things, including some technical concepts
- Some creativity, the ability to see beyond the obvious, to read between the lines of the test case definition and capture bugs hidden at the edges.
- There is no requirement for programming skills in this position, although it can be a plus especially if value can be added to the development branch of the quality department which is mainly involved in testing automation (selenium,java, JavaScript, xpath, etc…).

If you are interested in this position, please send you CV in English. The salary offered is negotiable and it depends on the experience and knowledge.


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Fully remote

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