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  Remote | No experience required | Full time | Sales

Gross salary $800 - 1200 USD/month

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Becoming a Chat Assassin is a job opportunity for high-level English speakers located in Latin America to have a stable income in $USD that allows them to provide for their families and work from home.

Chat Assassins is a Premium Marketing Company, Lead and Operated by 87% Women. Corporate Headquarters are based in Miami, Florida with 130+ team members all over Latin America, and clients worldwide. We work with Personal Brands and support them with turning social media followers into customers.

Working in sales means more sales = more money! Put in the work and receive commissions per sale. We don't sit around when things don't go our way. You'll be challenged to come up with strategies to manage your team to success with a proactive work environment

What Chat Assassins do...

Entry-Level Chat Assassins work with a highly skilled client success team, with the core aim to start authentic conversations that lead to selling coaching programs through Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other social media platforms.

You will work with our teams to sell for one of our clients, a Business Coach, speaking as them on their social media platforms.

Your day to day will consist approximately of:

  • 2 hours of starting new conversations
  • 2 hours of follow-ups
  • 2 hours of organic account growth
  • 1hr 30min of replying to active leads and closing sales
  • 30min of management and daily communication tasks

We work with a wide variety of coaches in different areas of business! But not everyone is cut out to bring success in sales.

Qualifications and requirements


  • Have an Advanced/Native C1-C2 level of English
  • Want an Income in $USD
  • A Fully Working Desktop/laptop AND a Smartphone
  • Stable Internet Connection
  • Full-Time Availability (8 hours a day and 2 hours on weekends)
  • Be located in any country in Latin America or Brazil

NO Previous Experience is Required, but do NOT apply if you're not 100% confident in your English skills.

Great for people with experience working from home that want more professional and financial growth out of their careers.

You need a high interest and commitment to learning, making money, working with trial and error, and being challenged daily!

Pay AND Benefits

Within Chat Assassins, we have career paths through leadership opportunities with positions like Team Leader, Lead Trainer, Sales Coach, Assistant Coach, Project Manager, Recruitment Officer, Directing Manager, and Vice President.

Fixed payment plus opportunities to grow according to performance and development:

  • Entry Level: $600-$1,200k/month
  • Experienced Level: $1,200-$2,000/month
  • Expert / Leadership Level: $2,000-$3,000+/month
  • ​​Hourly + Commissions + Bonuses

We have excellent benefits, such as:

  • A Supportive Company Culture
  • Opportunities for Growth
  • Fully Remote work
  • Company Book Club
  • Monthly raffles
  • Vision board and goal-setting workshops
  • Health and Fitness programs
  • Birthday Gifts
  • Paid training and Mentorship
  • $ Hourly + Commission + Bonuses

If you are creative, like to problem solve, receive challenges daily, and want to explore your capacities as a leader, we extend to you an invitation to apply for our roles.

Fully remote You can work from anywhere in the world.
Digital library Access to digital books or subscriptions.

Remote work policy

Fully remote

Candidates can reside anywhere in the world.


Becoming a Chat Assassin is a job opportunity for high-level English speakers located in Latin America to have a stable income in $USD that allows them to provide for their families and work from home. NO Previous Experience is Required! — MADE OMNI's full profile