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Are you passionate about driving change and eager to build solutions that empower? We're looking for a Backend Developer to join our mission-driven team. Dive into a role where innovation meets impact, and help us reshape the digital landscape for entrepreneurs across Latin America. Join us in our journey at TiendaDa and be part of the e-commerce revolution.

Backend Developer

  • Backend Development: Build and maintain our platform's backend, ensuring applications are fast, reliable, and scalable.
  • Database Management: Create and manage database structures for efficient data storage and security.
  • APIs: Develop APIs for app integration, keeping documentation clear for all users.
  • Team Collaboration: Work with frontend developers to blend user and server-side elements seamlessly.
  • Security: Implement robust security measures to protect data and transactions.
  • Performance Optimization: Tackle system bottlenecks and bugs to enhance speed and scalability.
  • CI/CD Processes: Lead continuous integration and deployment to streamline development.
  • Innovation: Keep up with tech trends and integrate new technologies to improve our platform.
  • Support & Troubleshooting: Offer backend support and solve technical issues swiftly.
  • Effective Communication: Ensure clear communication within the team to deliver technical solutions efficiently.

What You'll Need:

  • Proficiency in Python 3.7: You should be comfortable coding and solving problems in Python.
  • Basic Golang 1.21: Some of our most critital microservices are coded in Go which will help us scale up the operation.
  • Experience with Flask: Knowledge of this micro web framework is crucial.
  • Familiarity with SQLAlchemy: You'll be working with this framework to handle database operations.
  • Skilled in PostgreSQL: Our data is stored here, so you'll need to navigate and manage it effectively.
  • Comfortable with Linux (CentOS): Knowing your way around this operating system will be key.
  • Java (Optional): While not required, knowledge of Java is a plus and can open up more opportunities.

Desirable skills

  • Effective Communication: Essential for teamwork and clear documentation; simplifies complex ideas.
  • Time Management: Crucial for handling multiple projects and meeting deadlines.
  • Teamwork: Vital for a positive, collaborative work environment.
  • Problem-Solving: Key to finding innovative solutions to challenges.
  • Adaptability: Necessary for staying current in a fast-changing tech landscape.
  • Attention to Detail: Important for identifying bugs and ensuring code quality.
  • Critical Thinking: Invaluable for analyzing situations and creating strategic solutions.

Why Join Us?

  • Be Part of Something Bigger: Work on projects that go beyond coding to empower entrepreneurs and make a real impact on the economy.
  • Innovate at the Cutting Edge: Thrive in a dynamic environment where innovation drives everything we do.
  • Collaborate with the Best: Join a team backed by leading startup accelerators in the region.
  • Enjoy Remote Work and Flexible Schedules: We understand the importance of work-life balance, offering remote work options and flexible schedules to fit your needs.
  • Experience Horizontal Management: Be part of an organization that values every voice, where leadership is accessible and teamwork is paramount.
  • Thrive in a Fast-Paced Environment: If you love the energy of a startup and the thrill of rapid development, you'll fit right in with our fast-paced and results-driven team.

Join us and be part of a journey that transforms the digital landscape for entrepreneurs across Latin America. Let's innovate, grow, and succeed together.

Remote work policy

Locally remote only

Position is 100% remote, but candidates must reside in .

About TiendaDa

At TiendaDa, we're revolutionizing Latin America's entrepreneurial scene. Our goal? To bring every entrepreneur into the digital age with our intuitive platform, making digital business easy and integrating tools like WhatsApp. — TiendaDa's full profile